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For generations, people have come to L.A. with stars in their eyes and dreams in their hearts of making it big on the silver screen. Of course, very few actually do. How do they do? The truth about hellish experience of being on set: endured rashes and infections due to the fake blood being recycled and used over and over again, cheap cosmetics, dirty fabrics, rape, drugs, alcohol are just the top of this garbage container. You are a numb, dumb doll who’s task is to perform for entertainment and, perhaps, that would please a player.

Take Me

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How does it feel to give all your free time for work and be left behind? How much does it hurt, when you put your trust upon your teammates and end up betrayed? Is it fair when loyalty is paid off by being denied? Sounds familiar? Then this book is for you. Scenarios of career success in modern world, gossips, lies and set-ups and frames… Welcome to the world of live business games.

Business Games

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Amber is a witty, conceited daredevil who learned the way of success quite too early in her life. Being rather obsessed with achievement of her personal goals, mostly financial, she drags attention of College principal who takes it as a personal challenge to talk some sense into a cheeky. Things change dramatically when Amber's pursuit of profit leaves her witness of a crime. Now one she is teamed with young and just the same ambitious detective to solve the mystery while College Principle does not plan to give in either.

Adventurous Ms Evans

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Only the toughest and the most able come to compete in the country annual Ice skating tournament that opens the gate to Olympics. A true test of endurance, skill, and courage. Maya Soederlund is a proved leader, but lives in a fear. She may be the intended victim, but nothing is going to prevent her from aggressively pursuing the glory and the rewards that victory brings. But all of a sudden an innocent blood stains Maya’s way to a medal. Skillful detective Timo Virnonen is determined to track down the murderer.

Night Hail

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